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This program is intended to be completed in its entirety and you will receive a Certificate of Completion upon finishing the program. The entire program consisting of 26 sessions is 59.00.

Occassionally we have clients who prefer to pay as they go and you will use the links below if you choose that option.

If you pay for the complete course (59.00) at once, you do NOT need to use the links at the bottom of this page.

Below you will see links to the 26 lessons in this program. Based upon your specific needs and requirements, you will take the number of lessons you need to complete your program.

If you choose not to purchase the full course, you may take one session at a time.  Each session is $10.00 and is paid by clicking on the session number. You do not need a Paypal account; you can pay thru a credit card on the Paypal website, without an account if necessary. Once the class has been paid you will be able to download the session video, written material, and quiz portion.

The format used for our online classes is tri-part.

Each session contains a Video portion, a Reading portion, and a Quiz portion that is very personalized. Many checks are in place to ensure you fully engage in each session.
–Every session has a Video portion that you will watch just as if you were sitting in a classroom. Hidden within the videos are questions you must answer to verify the entire video portion was watched and the material was absorbed.
–Every session also includes a Reading Portion that teaches the material in a very practical skill-based manner.  The interactive portion gives you the opportunity to hold the mirror up to your past choices in life to evaluate them and learn from them. It also allows you to explore other options for your future!
–The third portion of the session is the Quiz Portion. Each participant will answer open ended quiz questions that require you to apply the material to your own life and own situation in order to answer the questions. This ensures you absorb the material taught in that session and are able to apply it to your own life!
The classes are on-going and self-paced so you can start anytime and can complete all portions online 24 hours a day on your own schedule. Our core curriculum consists of 26 sessions or you can complete the number of sessions required. You will pay nothing out of pocket until week 3 so you may begin immediately.
Get started:

Open the video first and listen to it. Be certain to have a pen and paper handy to take notes and write down the Code Word. Later, when you take the written part of the lesson you will need to put in those code words to prove you listened to the video portion.

Before you begin your lessons, there are some very important matters I want to share with you.

For your consideration, imagine for a moment that when that high school teacher told Albert Einstein that he was too stupid to learn!

Had he listened to that teacher and given up, it could have affected all of us!


Remember -if you do not have a Paypal account, when you click on the Lesson, and you are redirected to Paypal, simply look down below the Paypal payment method and you will see a link to pay instead with a debit or credit card.  Click on that option, make your selection, pay for the lesson and continue as shown above.

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