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TO:  Administrative Personnel

This letter is to inform you about Teen Transformation’s Conflict Resolution and Drop Out Prevention Program. 

The program is ideal to use as a condition of Re-instatement once a teen is truant, suspended, commits assault, or is at risk of drop-out.

The sessions are taught by a Licensed Professional Counselor using a highly effective curriculum that has been life changing for many individuals!  

The sessions are very personal and are taught using a very practical and skill based approach. Each session is geared to not just teach participants to stop the behavior that brought them here, but to give them the tools they need to apply to their lives to ensure positive healthy coping skills are used in the future.

The format used for our online classes is tri-part:

Each session contains a Video portion, a Reading portion, and a Quiz portion that is very personalized. Many checks are in place to ensure the participant fully engages in each session.

–Every session has a Video portion that the participant will watch just as if they were sitting in a classroom. Hidden within the videos are questions they must answer to verify the entire video portion was watched and the material was absorbed.

–Every session also includes a Reading Portion that teaches the material in a very practical skill-based manner. The participants are not just learning to stop the unhealthy behavior they are learning positive coping skills for how to handle life situations in the future. Every session also includes an interactive portion that helps the participant to draw a very clear line between healthy and unhealthy characteristics of relationships. The interactive portion gives them the opportunity to hold the mirror up to their past relationships they have had in their life as well as current relationship to take responsibility for and to evaluate their behavior and future choices. 

–The third portion of the session is the Quiz Portion. The participants must answer open ended quiz questions that require them to apply the material to their own lives and own situations in order to answer the questions. This ensures that they not only absorbed the material taught in that session, but that they are able to apply it to their own lives.

The classes are on‐going and self‐paced so participants can start anytime and all portions can be completed online 24 hours a day on their own schedule. A total of 26 sessions are available. Each participant may complete the number of sessions required in their specific situation but the program is designed for each session to build on the next and to be completed in its entirety. The participants can purchase the entire program for 59.00 or pay nothing out of pocket until week 3 and then to pay 10.00 per session which allows low income participants to begin immediately. 

Each participant is also required to submit a Completion Speech at the end of their classes. This letter will be attached to the Certificate of Completion that is provided after all sessions are complete.

We look forward to working with you in the near future and look forward in doing our part to make your job easier!

Deborah Farber, LPC
Teen Transformations
Program Director