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For your convenience a prepared Parental Consent Form is available to be filled out and submitted by both the parents/legal guardian and the school official.  This form may be submitted separately – one form signed by the parent/guardian and another form signed by the school official.  Each form is part of the whole.

Please fill out this form; have each party sign it where indicated and click the Submit button.  NOTICES:  (A) Either a Parent or legal guardian must sign this form, and  a School Official must also sign this form.  (B)  It is mutually agreed by all parties to this transaction, that multiple forms may be signed (ie. Parents sign their form, School Official sign another form) and each will become an integral part of the whole.

To:   Teen Transformations/Transformations LLC  9521B Riverside Parkway, #341, Tulsa, Oklahoma 74137.

RE:  Enrollment of student in your program offered by Teen  Transformations.

I/WE the undersigned, acting in our capacity as either Parent or Legal Guardian of the below named individual, or as School Official, hereby consent, agree, and grant permission for the below named individual to enroll as a student in your Teen Transformations program.   It is mutually agreed and understood that the student is 14 years of age or older.  The following information is provided regarding this student, and we jointly and severally expressly grant you access to this information:

Student: *

The above email address will be used to send and/or receive communications, lessons, tests, assignments, quizzes, exams etc. by and between Teen Transformations, the parents, the school and the Student.

In accordance with sections 312 et seq. of the Children's Online Privacy Protection Rules, (A)  no individual under the age of 14 shall be allowed to enroll in this program.  (B)  It is further mutually agreed to any use, collection and/or disclosure of personal information of the above named student; provided that Teen Transformations will establish and maintain reasonable procedures to protect the confidentiality, privacy, security and integrity of personal information collected from the student on the Teen Transformations website; and further provided the the information collected from the student will Not be used for any other purpose, disclosed or combined with any other information collected from the student.

It is also  mutually agreed and understood that as either the Parent or Legal Guardian of the student, I/WE may at any time, in our sole discretion, withdraw our consent and/or permission for the enrollment of the student by providing written Notice of Withdrawal to:  Transformations LLC, 9521 B Riverside Parkway, #341, Tulsa, Oklahoma 74137, at which time the student's enrollment will cease and the student's records will be deleted from the Teen Transformations records in accordance with section 312.10 of the Children's Online Protection Rule.

It is further mutually agreed and understood that the specific rights of the student is to  access the videos, written lessons, PDF files, tests, exams, quizzes, assignments, etc. offered and or presented now or in the future by Teen Transformations, and to submit to Teen Transformations each test, exam, quiz and.or assignment when due.  It is further mutually agreed and understood that no student has the right, nor permission to make extra or additional copies of the materials provided, nor to share any of the materials, tests, quizzes, etc. with any other student or anyone else.  The materials  provided with the Teen Transformations program are, and shall continue to be for the exclusive use of the Student only during the Student's term of enrollment in the Teen Transformations  program.  All materials are Copyright Protected by Teen Transformations.

I/We the undersigned consent and agree with the foregoing and have therefore signed this form.  I further understand and agree that by typing my name below is the same as having signed the form under the Uniform Electronic Transaction Act (15 US Code, Section 7001) and has the same full force and effect of having signed my signature.

Parent or School: